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I'm Coco. I love many things including, but not limited to:
the Red Sox, Christmas, other holidays, but mostly Christmas, books, pretty people and pretty things,
animals, Harry Potter, traveling, cold weather, the Obamas, Boston, baking, Sally Draper, red wine, and things that make me laugh.
Basically, I'm a big ball of love.


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Cody Ross is retweeting random people who think David Ross is Cody Ross

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220, Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 2
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“Sooner or later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.”

Nine years ago on this day (8 December 2003), Battlestar Galactica premiered on Sci-Fi (now Syfy) Channel.
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73 days until pitchers and catchers report!

84 days until Spring Training!

117 days until Opening Day!

(via variationsonfox)

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